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A Day In Ritchie White Designer Eye wear...

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Everyday Ritchie...  A Personal Story.

If you own a pair of Ritchie White Shades, you can relate...

Going outside for the early part of the day...maybe morning, early afternoon, it's sunny.  Yes, it's sunny even in the winter, who would have thought.  The sun seems like it's on turn up today though so of course fishing for a pair of sunglasses, what pops up?  Ritchie White Designer Shades, that's what.  The hand automatically finds the favorite pair... Whoa!  So far so good.

Now that the Ritchie White Designer, hand-crafted, couture shades are in hand guess what?  It's time to turn up with the sun and rock the sweetest pair of designer eye wear known to the face.  Here is the proof...


While perusing and going through a busy day the shades act as jewelry for the face and it's catching attention!  It's hard not to notice, others are starring.  Starring @ what?  Starring @ who? 

Ritchie White Designer Shades, that's what.

Finally someone decides to stop looking and finally says... "Those shades are what's up, where did you get them"?

Ritchie White Designs.  That's Who.

See you on the town...turned up.

-Ritchie White

P.s. If you cannot relate... you know where to go.


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