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Free Designer Sunglasses!

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Richie White gives away 5 pair of exclusive, unreleased handcrafted designer sunglasses for men and women... FREE via Instagram!

For those of you who are just getting on the Ritchie-White Designer train...tutu!  Ritchie White Designs has just finished one of it's contests for a pair on new unreleased sunglasses among many more contests to come.  

The contest was featured on Instagramhttp://instagram.com/ritchiewhitedesigns and was a giveaway for the exciting birthday of Ritchie White.  For his birthday, he decided to give away 5 pair of sunglasses that have not been released to the public.

Free Designer Sunglasses for Men and Women From Ritchie White Designs!

Free Designer Sunglasses for Men and Women Contest RulesThe contest ran for 1 week and the qualifications to win a pair of designer unisex sunglasses hand crafted by Ritche White!  Yes Ritchie is taking the time himself to craft and give away 5 pairs of his popular brand!

In order to qualify first, a participant must follow Ritchie White on Instagram-http://instagram.com/ritchiewhitedesigns.

Then the participant must look upon the Ritchie White Design Instagram page and re-post a picture of their favorite pair of Ritchie White Designs fashion glasses. The re-post had 3 criteria:



3. There must be a tag to the pic.

The final qualification was to tell Ritchie White Designs that one has successfully entered the contest!  An easy 2 minutes had a chance to get an unreleased pair of Ritchie White Designs glasses before anyone else!

It is not over!  No it's not!

Winners also received a 25% off discount on their next purchased pair!

In addition, Ritchie White has given to those who did not win but entered a 20% discount on whichever pair they choose.  

The moral of the story...

Don't think it's over for you to get your hands on a pair of the shades that people are clamoring over!  It is not too late to get your chance to win a pair either!

Become a follower of Ritchie White Designs on Instagram.  This is where most of Ritchie White Designs contests are held.  

Also sign up now for a brand new Ritchie White Designs account where you will be a V.I.P. in Ritchie White's entourage and will receive first dibs on new and upcoming events related to Ritchie White Designs!

This means you will be the first to know about contests, giveaways, new and unreleased designer wear including Ritchie White's new unreleased creations and his new product lines!  It's an exciting time to be a part of Ritchie White Designs!  Don't get excited if you are not...

Stay tuned for an update on the introduction of the new pair of unreleased shades these contest winners won! You will then find the new addition to the Ritchie White family.  

Contest winners... wait for your anticipated designer sunglasses in the mail!  Congratulations to all.  These one of a kind shades are EXCLUSIVE! You will surely be the first among your friends.

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